Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #32




the warriors’ way of the Mushroom: 5 in the Dark with Omar Thomas

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On this episode, Jonathan talks with Omar Thomas, founder of 5 in the Dark Life Coaching, retired Army Ranger, and fellow partner, facilitator and Visual Media Director at MycoMeditations, which offers Psilocybin-assisted retreats and therapeutic experiences in beautiful Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Omar is also the founder of CannaMed Consultants, a medical cannabis nutraceutical company.

As a former military combat officer, he began a decades long journey with psilocybin that culminated in his overcoming of childhood abuse, PTSD, and surviving kidney failure and transplant. He used his newfound health to become a homeschooling father and found an organic consultancy. He is also the author of two upcoming e-books, Psychedelic Wellness and 5 In the Dark.

Jonathan, on working with Eric and Omar:

It feels with both of you guys like “picking up where we left off.” It doesn’t feel like a “new” relationship. I’m not sure if I believe in reincarnation or not, but this feels like something we’ve done together before; like we’re “getting the band back together.”

In this conversation, Jonathan and Omar discuss their mutual excitement after their recent experience facilitating together for the first time on Treasure Beach, Omar’s personal struggles with PTSD, and what it means to be a Psychedelic Dad. Omar also chimes in on our eternal question: How old is “old enough?”

I would say that based on the safety of psilocybin in particular, if a child is psychologically developed enough to ask the right questions, and handle the answers, you may be on your way to having a child that is potentially a good candidate… Puberty is a great time [to use this medicine] to come together as a family, rather than fracture.

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