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Spiritual Journeys with Lady Cannabis: A Conversation with Stephen Gray

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After MANY months hiatus, we return with a new episode, featuring our friend, Stephen Gray, Co-founder and MC of the Spirit Plant Medicine Conference, and Editor of the new Anthology, Cannabis and Spirituality: An Explorer’s Guide to an Ancient Plant Spirit AllyStephen is also the Author of the book Returning to Sacred World: A Spiritual Toolkit for Emerging Reality, and has many years of experience with plant medicine ceremonies in both the Native American Church tradition, as well as the Santo Daime religion.

In this conversation, Jonathan and Stephen discuss Cannabis and Spirituality in detail, give tips on incorporating Santa Maria into your own spiritual work, and ask the perennial question: “How old is old enough?” Enjoy.

“Cannabis can unlock us from our habitual way of doing things, and more importantly, of thinking about things. It pulls us out of our forward leaning vector, encouraging us to hang back, wait a bit, and see how things feel before rushing into anything. It puts us in touch with our deepest longings and our truest feelings. It enables contemplation and reflection.” –Julie Holland, MD from Cannabis and Spirituality

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