Plants and substances:
  • The Vaults of Erowid: 
    • Erowid is the prototype for the perfect drug education. A source of honest, straightforward information about plants, chemicals, and compounds. A place to send your uncle who wants to understand more about these “bath salts” he keeps hearing about, or a resource to understand and identify the drugs you’re buying. They’ve been around almost as long as the internet, and they keep making it better every year! 
Rites of Passage:
  • The MAPS “Rites of Passage Project”:
    • A discontinued project of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies, The Rites of Passage Project is a collection of resources on how to others have created psychedelic coming-of-age ceremonies for their young people.
  • Rites of Passage: 
    • Rites of Passage, founded in 1977, offers Vision Quests,Workshops and Trainings that bring people into a deep encounter with the natural world, exploring the human-nature connection to reflect and transform the inner world. This work begins with hearing the call to quest, an impulse as ancient as humanity: the path of the hero/ine. It will appeal to men, women, leaders, veterans and young people in life transition or change, and to those wanting to deepen their spiritual path and sense of purpose.
  • The New Warrior Training Adventure:
    • A branch of The Mankind Project, NWTA is “a modern male initiation and self-examination. We believe that this is crucial to the development of a healthy and mature male self, no matter how old a man is. It is the “hero’s journey” of classical literature and myth that has nearly disappeared in modern culture. We ask men to stop living vicariously through movies, television, addictions and distractions and step up into their own adventure – in real time and surrounded by other men.”
  • Leafly:
    • is a top-notch resource for information about different cannabis strains and their medical/psychoactive effects. It also shows you which strains are available in your area, and has Trip Advisor-style reviews of dispensaries.
  • Ladybud:
    • From their “about” page:  “Ladybud Magazine launched on April 2, 2013 to much excitement. Today, is the #1 women’s lifestyle publication with a focus on activism specific to Drug War reform and other socially progressive issues. Ladybud Magazine fills a void in both mainstream and drug policy reform media. Traditional marijuana media focuses on young men and features content about cultivation and party culture. While we at Ladybud respect these roots, we are doing something very different. Our writers are mostly women in their 20s-60s who cover a wide variety of topics: marijuana activism, culture, beauty, sex and food. We are mothers, fashionistas, activists and the average American woman. We identify as the average modern woman who also believes the Drug War is one of the greatest social and civil rights issues facing our nation and the world today. We are taste makers with a definitive and respected brand that generates loyal repeat readers. We have the ability to shape opinion on major issues by creating content that does not fall into the trap of the journalistic illusion of “non-bias.” By explicitly presenting content from credible sources with an activist purpose and function, we create responsible dialogue surrounding critical issues.”
Psychedelic Culture:
  • The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension (
    • Back in the late 1990s to early ‘aughts, this was the most psychedelically organized website on the web (at least the corners I traversed).  There was no “home page” to speak of, no sidebars, and everything linked to everything else in a wandering chain of weird images, bizarre sound files, and purposefully labyrinthine browser frames. Surfing this page, back then, was almost a psychedelic experience in itself.  Today, they’ve toned it all down a great extent, without getting rid of the powerful “everything you know is wrong” vibe.  Deoxy is like psychedelic apologetics.  It’s a great place to waste an afternoon filling your brain with obscure knowledge and culture-shattering ideas.  A great site to “accidentally” leave in a co-worker’s bookmarks  if you want to make them really think about the world.  “The Red Pill,” in text and images.
  • Quit Day:
    • For those looking to give up tobacco products and who aren’t lucky enough to be part of a psilocybin-assisted smoking cessation study, there’s, which offers multiple tools to help heal your tobacco addiction and make your air cleaner for yourself AND your children.
  • Electronic Cigarettes: A Guide for Parents and Educators:
    • This article offers good information about the potential health concerns of e-cigs or “vaping” as it relates to kids. Has advice on how to talk to kids as well as how to avoid your kid getting interested in the first place.



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