Alex and Allyson Grey on Parenting

by Jonathan

One of mgreyfamilyy big inspirations for this site has been the various talks given by visionary artists Alex and Allyson Grey.  They first spoke on our topic of interest back at the Burning Man Palenque Norte lecture series all the way back in 2003.  This talk was entitled Art, Love, Family, & Psychedelics and was rebroadcast on the internet at The Psychedelic Salon, which has been an indispensable source of ideas and data for me over the years, and especially the last couple of years as I’ve begun this research.  This talk also featured input from their daughter Zena, thus making it doubly useful for our research purposes.

Art, Love, Family, & Psychedelics (part 1), Palenque Norte lecture series, Burning Man 2003

Art, Love, Family, & Psychedelics (part 2), Palenque Norte lecture series, Burning Man 2003

Also in 2003, Alex, Allyson, and their daughter Zena were interviewed by Jon Hamma for an article which appeared in the Autumn 2004 edition of the MAPS Bulletin, an issue which was dedicated to the topic of Psychedelics and Children:

Parenting in a War Zone: A Conversation with the Grey Family

Somewhat more recently, Alex and Allyson spoke at the 2008 World Psychedelic Forum, held in Basil, Switzerland in March of 2008.  This talk was rebroadcast on the Psychonautica Podcast #68, and also features their unique perspectives on drug education.

Psychedelic Families, from the World Psychedelic Forum March, 2008

The Youtube channel psychonautchannel also features a pre-talk interview with Allyson on the subject of parenting, which can be viewed below:

They also spoke at Palenque Norte in 2012 on the subject “Psychedelic Family Business”