MAPS Bulletin, Autumn 2004

by Jonathan

Way bamapscoverck in August of 2004, when I myself had given up Psychedelics, had yet to be convinced that having kids was something I wished to do at all, and was living in a meditation commune in Northern California, MAPS (The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) did an entire issue of their journal in Autumn 2004 on the issue of “Rites of Passage: Children and Psychedelics”  which Rick Doblin categorized as “what do we tell the kids.”  The entire issue can be downloaded from there or can be accessed by clicking on the cover image to the left.

This issue included some of the BIG questions we’ll be asking here at, such as:


Also, from the Winter 1996-1997 issue of MAPS Bulletin is this article:

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