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Psychedelic Families Forum

Another crucial component of this site, along with my interviews with psychedelic lcoolparentbgimageluminaries, their adult children, and my own reflections, will be the Psychedelic Families Forum, a place where YOU can share your own stories of raising children in a Psychedelic Family.  With you permission, your stories may become a critical part of our research, and will, whether or not you choose to allow us to share your stories beyond this forum, provide your fellow travelers along the way with valuable insight with which to model their own intentional family lives.  So join the forum, share your stories, and help us build this resource and research.

“secret” facebook Group

Until the Forum is operational, we have established a “secret” Facebook Group where conversations can be facilitated and questioned both asked and answered. Of course Mark Zuckerberg will always know what you’re up to, but “secret” in Facebook lingo means that the group does not show up when people search for it, and non-members will never see what you post there, nor even know you’re a member.  To become a member, Sign up for Our Newsletter and select “YES” from Option 2




2 thoughts on “Forum & Facebook Group”

  1. Hi,
    Nice site, but where’s the forum? I’d really like to see this site/idea develop further…. I’m the father of 2 young girls and I’m trying to figure out how to bring the plant wisdom to them. My solution so far is to up and leave the USA and find a more supportive culture somewhere else. Perhaps not a perfect answer, but we’re trying.

    Is the forum coming around anytime soon?
    Also, there’s an error that shows up at the top of the page:’
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    1. Thanks for the comment, Ryan. I agree, that there is a great deal of potential here. I am currently looking to expand the site in the next 3 months, make it more collaborative, and bring on other folks to help develop content. If you’re interested in contributing, please let me know.

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