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emanuelOn this episode, Jonathan talks with DanceSafe founder and director of the upcoming documentary MDMA: The Movie, Emanuel Sferios. Emanuel founded DanceSafe in 1998 with a goal of providing fact-based drug education and harm reduction at raves and parties. After a number of years working as an environmental activist, he has returned to the world of drug policy reform and education with this documentary project. MDMA: The Movie will highlight the history of MDMA, and it’s current resurgence as a therapeutic tool. It will also be a criticism of the current prohibition regime and the ways in which it undermines its own stated goals of reducing drug use among young people.

“99 Ecstasy Tablets”,

Jonathan and Emanuel discuss drug policy, drug education reform, how to talk to your teen about their interest and use, and why testing is so much more critical in today’s drug climate than it was back in their day. Emanuel also weighs in on our BIG questions right now: “How to talk to your children with integrity about substances,” and “How to come out to your parents about psychedelics.” Emanuel also spends a great deal of time discussing the many popular substances out there right now, how they may differ from the party climate we grew up in, and how to help our kids make the informed choices about their use or non-use of plants and chemicals.

Jonathan also talks about the ongoing Psychedelic Parenting GoFundMe fundraiser, and announces 2 BIG pieces of news:

Robert Barnhart, producer of A New Understanding: The Science of Psilocybin, (who will be joining us on an upcoming episode) has pledged a $2000 matching gift to the fundraiser, which means anyone giving now will have their donation DOUBLED by Robert’s generous gift. Also, Psychedelic Parenting is now being fiscally sponsored by The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), which means our supporters can now make tax deductible donations to our efforts though MAPS!

We would like to thanks everyone who has already given, David, Dasha, and Bodhi Gaian and the team at Pharmazonia. Dennis McKenna, and our anonymous donors TJ, Matt, SC, JYN, and VR. We are honored by your support and email messages.

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