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Psilocybin Saved My Life, But Synchronicity Saved My Soul: with Jon Bridge

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Jon Bridge afterWe apologize to our listeners for our show being late this week. We are coming to you directly from the Exploring Psychedelics Conference at Southern Oregon University, and preparations and travel have slowed down the release of this week’s episode.

On Today’s Episode of the podcast, Jonathan talks with Jon Bridge. Jon is  a 34 year old father of two. from Canada. The two met through a Facebook Group, The Terence McKenna Experience, thanks to Jon’s willingness to share his inspiring story of hope and healing. Jonathan felt called to respond almost immediately after the posting appeared on his feed, and the two connected to share Jon’s story.

Jon’s experience of the failure oJonbridgefacebookf standard  psychiatric
pharmaceutical drugs  and his journey back to health with the help of psilocybin mushrooms and a clear understanding that the conditions that ailed him for years did not have to be permanent, or simply “managed” with ill-understood collections of molecules. Jon describes his situation this way:

[I was on] daily doses of high strength, high dose pharmaceutical garbage. I was supposed to be a customer for life. Although I have no credentials behind my name I have a story of healing and hope. I had been a long time sufferer of mental illness but thanks to psychedelic medicines I have discovered a new, better self. My journey into psychedelic healing has just begun and I hope to be able to inspire someone to help themselves.

Jon’s “before” picture, on the let, is dated March 20, 2010, exactly 6 years before the date of his Facebook post..Looking in the eyes, it feels possible to almost see the changed interior landscape behind them. This is a story that our listeners will not want to miss.

(None of Jon or Jonathan’s remarks should be interpreted as psychiatric advice. Neither is a licensed therapist. Changes in medicines should be done with the partnership of a qualified professional.)

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