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zoewithayaAfter a long break while Jonathan decompressed from a life-transforming experience with Martin W. Ball, in Ashland Oregon at the 3rd Annual Exploring Psychedelics Conference, We are BACK with another episode of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast! This week’s show is the 1st half of a 2-part interview with artist and activist Zoe Helene.

Today’s show was recorded over a couple days last week, on 4/20 and Earth Day with Zoe Helene. Zoe is the founder of Cosmic Sister, which is dedicated to recognizing and elevating feminist voices in the growing Psychedelic Renaissance, and to supporting visionary women in the exploding world of Cannabis business and studies. Zoe is also the wife and partner of ethnobotanist and writer Chris Kilham, and is the manager of the web presence for his site The Medicine Hunterand has accompanied Chris on many trips to the Amazon and elsewhere, looking for healing plants and soul-transforming experiences. Zoe is an artist, writer, journalist, and visionary explorer in her own right. She has been featured in Boston Magazine, Forbes, Boston Globe, AlterNet, Chicago Tribune, Newsday, MIT Technology Review, Utne Reader and Fast Company.

zoewithlambIn this episode, Jonathan and Zoe discuss the art of “Psychedelic Mentoring” as an important part of the emerging plant medicine culture in this country, and how even those without their own kids have an important job to do in raising the future members of the Psychedelic Society. They talk about the “Faerie Goddessmothers” who were instrumental in Zoe’s life, and how she has embraced her role as “Psychedelic Faerie Goddessmother” to the children of her friends and siblings.  Zoe also discusses Ezoesdolphinarth day and
how her Ayahuasca experiences in the Amazon have galvanized her as an environmentalist and animal-rights activist, and her view that “a baby is a baby,” whether they be human animals or non-human animals. She also discusses her deep relationship to the Maui’s dolphin  (Cephalorhynchus hectori mau) of New Zealand, which is currently on the verge of extinction.

talktokidsIf you weren’t able to make it to Ashland for Exploring Psychedelics this year, Martin Ball will be releasing Jonathan’s presentation from that event on The Entheogenic Evolution Podcast in the coming weeks. We will inform you when it goes live. In the meantime, you can check out Jonathan’s presentation on Prezi by CLICKING HERE.

Tune in next week Wednesday (5/4/2016) for the second 1/2 of Jonathan’s interview with Zoe, when we’ll be back on track for our weekly Wednesday podcast releases.

summercampIf you’re in Los Angeles this weekend for May Day, Jonathan will be remotely presenting a talk called “Envisioning Psychedelic Summer Camp” at May meeting of the Los Angeles Medicinal Plant Society (LAMPS).  For more information, contact chairperson Brad Adams: BAdams(at)mednet(dot)ucla(dot)edu. If you can’t make it and are interested in seeing the slideshow from this presentation, CLICK HERE to view it on

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