Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #22

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We’ll Discover the Wonders of Nature: FORAGING a Family with “Antler”

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antlerToday’s podcast guest asked to go by the pseudonym “Antler” to protect his family and career, and we are happy to share his story today. “Antler” is an aspiring herbalist and proud parent of two young children.   He and his partner recently welcomed their son into the world with a challenging premature birth after the mother’s water broke at 32 weeks.  During this experience, Antler utilized his knowledge of entheogens (specifically psilocybin containing mushrooms) to navigate, manage, and overcome all the challenges that arose from having a partner hospitalized for five weeks and new born in the NICU for two weeks.

Antler currently makes a living working in finance for a large bank, with past career experience in private investments with a hedge fund as well as public service with the U.S. Treasury Department.  His experience with herbalism and sacred plants continues to lead him away from the corporate world and back to a more healthy and natural lifeway.

He found psychedelic medicine through his study of natural healing and passion for wild food foraging.   The role of entheogens in our lives is also a hot topic within the ReWilding Movement, a movement that resonates with Terrance McKenna’s oft-cited Archiac Revival phenomena.  Antler uses ReWilding strategies to participate in the project of reversing human domestication.

In this episode, Jonathan and “Antler” discuss the ReWilding movement, the Pro-Child approach to parenting, and how psilocybin should be seen as a component of “complete nutrition” and how mushroom tea helped “Antler” and his partner conceive, hold a connective space while his premature son was staying in the NICU, and come to terms with the difference between their plans for a natural home birth, and the reality of their circumstances when their water broke at 32 weeks gestation.

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