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After the Heartbreak, Happiness: Finding our Soul Purpose, With Mindy West


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mindyandsonThis week’s guest is Mindy West. Mindy is a Soul Coach and Life Purpose Guide. She started her journey to find and live her higher purpose at the beginning of 2014. While going through a painful divorce and a career crisis, she was introduced to Life Purpose Coaching, met her teacher, and had her first life purpose reading.  Following this guidance led her to leave her marketing consulting job in Seattle and move to Iquitos, Peru, the heart of the Amazon Jungle, two year old son and all. It was at this time that she began to work with Ayahuasca and other plant medicines and began the road to recovery from the heartbreak and loss of her divorce, and to discover again the joy of her relationship with her son.

In addition to doing Life Purpose Readings, Mindy works part-time mindybrewingas an accounting consultant, is a certified Yoga Teacher, and a Reiki Master.

In this conversation, Jonathan and Mindy talk about her road to recovery, the role of Ayahuasca in her life, and her desire to open a retreat center in Mexico that will be kid- and family-friendly. We look forward to hearing more from Mindy in the coming months and years.

lifepurposeMindy is also hosting a series of webinars this week called “Discover Your Life Purpose in 30 Days,” which are a powerful introduction to the work she does and the benefits it can offer those willing to trust and let go.

Also remember that tomorrow (June 21st) is the deadline for submitting potential talks for Beyond Psychedelics 2016 in Prague. Our submission is already in, and we hope to see many of you there!

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