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Envisioning the Cosmos of Cannabis: Re-educating the masses, With Terra Celeste

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terra1This week’s guest is Terra Celeste. Terra is a writer, traveler, artist, mother of 2, and organizer with a background in non-profit, community based finance, book-keeping and small event fundraising. Terra works in many capacities to support and facilitate art, artists and creative living in everyday life. One of her deep passions is the collaborative art form of film, and creating community events around independent film screenings. She describes her online presence as “a neo-cultural curation, featuring art, blogs, podcasts, photos, music, events and festivals exploring the psychedelic, visionary edges and depths of modern day.”

Jonathan and Terra met at Exploring Psychedelics 2016 in terra5Ashland Oregon, where they were both presenters on a panel about cannabis. Jonathan presented “Talking to Your Kids About Cannabis”  and Terra presented on the current state of drug education in the USA and how it is being impacted by changing cannabis laws. This panel discussion will soon be made available as an upcoming episode of Martin W. Ball’s Entheogenic Evolution Podcast.

terra4In this conversation, Jonathan and Terra talk about her role as a Burning Man volunteer, the current state of cannabis prohibition around the USA, “cannabis vs marijuana,” and how the pro-legalization world can stop preaching to the crowd and begin to more radically change hearts and minds through comprehensive education, directed not just at kids, but at adults who need help understanding how we have gone from our “reefer madness” and “gateway drug” approaches to legal recreational experiences in Oregon and Colorado in such a short period of time.


 Upcoming Events:

The fall conference season is just around the corner, and tickets just went on sale for three exciting events that we want to tell our listeners about.

Click HERE to RegisterFirst is The 2nd Annual Detroit Entheogenic Conference, hosted by Kilindi Iyi.  In 2014, this conference was the first of its kind in the Midwest region. This year promises to be equally exciting. The event will be held October 28th-30th at the Historic First Unitarian Church of Detroit. Tickets for the 3-day event are $200 or $100 for students and $150 for seniors. With our friend Kilindi at the helm, this promises to be a fundamentally different kind of conference than any you’ve experienced. Jonathan will be presenting on the history of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and how it applies to today’s growing movement of entheogenic spirituality and religion. Psychedelic Parenting will also have a table at the event, so come see us and get a sticker for your laptop or a poster for your wall!

Click HERE to RegisterNext is the 6th Annual Spirit Plant Medicine Conference October 29-30 in Vancouver, BC. Jonathan appeared at this event last year, and had an amazing weekend. This year’s lineup includes many luminaries of our movement such as Kathleen Harrison, Ralph Metzner, and Chris Kilham. Also present will be dear friends Dr. Bruce Damer and Galen Brandt, Mark Haden, and Tom Hatsis. Early Bird Tickets are still available at $188 CAD. Price goes up $100 the closer we get, so buy your tickets now!

Click HERE to Register!The third fall event with registration opening this week is the grandfather of psychedelics conferences, Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics October 7-9 in New York City. Jonathan appeared at Horizons last year as well, and will likely return as an attendee this fall. This is Horizons’ 10th year, and they are bringing back some of their most illuminating speakers from the past. Our personal heroes Bob Jesse, Rick Doblin, and Jag Davies will be there, as well as , Alicia Danforth, Amanda Felding, Bia Labate, Rolland Griffiths, and others. Tickets are $111 with discounts available to those in need of assistance. Early October in Manhattan is lovely!

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