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Supporting Projects that support our values: Just call me Is, with Natalie Grigson

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justcalllmeisUPDATE: Just Call Me IS has been released and is ready for shipment from! Order it today and support talented, Awakening, creative people like Natalie. A portion of the proceeds of your purchase will also come back to Psychedelic Parenting though our Amazon Affiliate account!
 Podcast Notes:
AE3Q8482-highrez-bwIn this episode, Jonathan talks with Natalie Grigson, who is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign for her new project Just Call Me IS, a book designed to teach tweens techniques of minfulness, as well as help them understand and get to know their Inner Self (“IS”).
Natalie works primarily as a Young Adult (YA) Fiction author and poet with Typewriter Rodeo (based in Austin, Texas), and teaches kids about storytelling. Over the years she has studied with spiritual teachers, gurus, shamans, and for two years wrote a weekly column all about exploring various spiritual practices.
This book is her first project combining her passions for storytelling, kids being awesome, and spirituality. She says: “I truly believe this is how we’ll change the world. And I am PUMPED.”
Jonathan was introduced to Natalie and her project by our friend Dr Neal Goldsmith. After chatting over email, Natalie send Jonathan a review copy of the book. Jonathan gave it to his 10-year-old son, who devoured the book in the span of 2 hours and then started working on the journaling and exercises in the back of the book.
What most amazed me was how quickly and how well my son seemed to understand a VERY esoteric concept like “inner self.” I was asking him what these things meant, and he was replying with really deep answers. I have been a spiritual seeker my whole life, and have devoted myself to seeking out ways to explain spirituality to my kids. I’ve struggled with how to explain this concept and was DELIGHTED to see how well Natalie was able to teach it to my son.            –Jonathan
In this episode, Jonathan and Natalie talk about Nat3launching her Kickstarter, in which she is seeking to raise $10,000 to pay for her time to fully illustrate the book, as well as resources for printing and marketing the final product. They also talk about how her experiences with psychedelics have influenced her career path, her creative process, and her work with children. Click HERE to read the first 10 pages of Just Call Me IS
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