Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #3

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Honesty is the Best Policy with Martin W. Ball, PhD

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In this episode of the Podcast, Jonathan talks with Psychedelic Iconoclast and genuine nice guy, Martin Ball. Conversations discussed include Martin’s encounter with Radical Honesty on the Playa of Black Rock City in 2007 and the aftershocks in his life and his relationship with his daughter.  Jonathan talks about his own healing though Ayahuasca, and how profound it is to be in a workplace where you can be yourself.

Martin also discusses his upcoming Exploring Psychedelics Conference (Thursday and Friday, 6/4-6/5) at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, OR. Exploring Psychedelics is 2 days, 19 speakers, 1 movie, and 1 night of music, all FREE of charge! Jonathan will be speaking about the “5 Psychedelic Family Values” via Skype at 9:00 AM PST on Friday. Also featured in person will be a friend of, and EPIC Michigander, Kilindi Iyi , on “Psilocybin Mushrooms for Exploration.”

Towards the end of the conversation, Jonathan asks Martin about the issues of safety and maintaining the integrity of the family in the face of the threats posed by the DEA and Child Protective Services, and whether it’s worth the risk to be a public advocate for these medicines. Martin had this to say:

“The State has the power to destroy your life. There’s absolutely lockedno question about that, and so the state is incredibly dangerous in that sense. And it’s vindictive, it’s misguided, it’s built on illusion upon illusion upon illusion. The problem is that these illusions can still come to get you, even if they’re illusions. It’s a difficult call that ultimately people have to judge for themselves. But other other side of that is this: If no one stands up, nothing’s going to change. Somone’s got to do it. Personally, reality is more important than anything I might want to protect, such as my own personal well-being or comfort, so I’m not going to hide myself in any way. Although there are certain details I’ll avoid discussing on podcasts. But if they really wanted me, the data is all right there. I’m all-in at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and the last thing I want would be to be separated from themand although prison would profoundly suck, I’m not going to edit myself in order to avoid something that I don’t have any real certainty is actually going to happen. Reality will always win, eventually.”

Martin’s new book, a memoir, is entitled “Being Infinite – An Entheogenic Odyssey into the Limitless Eternal: A Memoir from Ayahuasca to Zen” is both self-published or avalible for download on the Kindle or at Scribd. Read it to get the full story of Martin’s 2007 encounter with Radical Honesty at Burning Man, his dramatic life and personality changes that resulted, and the long journey of healing with his now-teenage daughter that was the aftermath.


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2 thoughts on “Psychedelic Parenting Podcast #3”

  1. Hey Jonathan,
    after listening to your third podcast I really feel it’s time to say Hi and Thank You – “Psychedelic Parenting” really could fill a gap in psychedelic net culture, a place to take a seriously grounded view on the wider implications of sacred medicine use; after all, what is “culture” if not a way of teaching the next generation(s) how to live well, healthy, fulfilled, sustainably, connected to the source? So please go on, and I personally would love you to really stay focused on the “parenting” aspect. It’s getting kind of current for me: Only a couple of days ago I explained to my oldest boy (who’s just turned nine) why he can’t tell any of his friends about a couple of beautiful green plants in a hidden spot in our barn :-). –
    That said, I’d like to comment on your talk with Martin Ball, the Eater Of All Things Dualistic …. – congrats, a comparatively warm and personal atmosphere, and of course he’s got some interesting things to say although I don’t recognize him as an expert on parenting, be it psychedelic or not, but anyway. Here’s my question: Near the end both of you agreed on so much stuff on the esoteric market being unnecessary, even distracting, when all you need to do is Be Yourself, Stupid. Now I’m a psychotherapist, with quite a bit of experience with sacred medicine work under my belt, and it seems to me that you can’t simply tell (most) people looking for “spiritual growth” to Just Be Yourself, Man; it’s a bit like telling someone to be spontaneous, right now – doesn’t work.
    On a deeper level, everyone IS just themselves, obviously. On a more day-to-day basis, nearer the surface of our current personae, most people in our strange civilization are so disconnected from what Martin might call their true energetic core that, for the time being, they have no idea how to be themselves. So much stuff in our heads: Is this the real me? Or that? You get the point.
    There is a lot on the therapy / Spiritual Growth market (Gestalt Therapy, various kinds of bodywork, meditation and of course serious medicine work) that really can help people to heal this disconnect (and let’s face it, medicine work alone doesn’t cut it for most seekers). Of course there is also any amount of pure bullshit, and the price tag is not a bad starting point for evaluation, the more expensive, the less helpful usually – but again, exceptions do prove the rule, as we say in German :-).
    I’m growing a bit weary of these lines like “hey, you just gotta be yourself, dude”, because hey, it’s not that easy, that’s why there’s psychotherapy.
    Anyway, thanks again. And when you talk to Mark next time, say hello; he sounds like a seriously cool guy.
    All the best,
    Martin (not W. Ball :-))

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