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I’m beginning to feel, the more energy I put into this project, that I’m doing myself, my community, and my children a disservice by remaining in the shadows in my everyday life.  I stumbled upon this comic strip from the Australian comic artist Gavin Aung Than, who goes by the web handle Zen Pencils.  I think it’s a good image for what many of us feel. We’re set apart, mostly by choice, but we FEEL it all the time, deep down.  We go to our jobs, and feel somehow phony.  And we wonder who else might be in the secret “head” club.  What other parent at the PTO meeting is interested in mushrooms, or maybe was into them in college and could be convinced to be into them again if some botanically endowed friend were to suggest going back down the rabbit hole.  I recently talked with a psychedelic luminary whose description of the little community of heads in his friendship circle made me think about the ways I’m not taking enough chances, or rather I’m not giving those around me ENOUGH of a chance to be the type of community I long for, for myself and for my family

This luminary told me that he felt a critical aspect to being a successful psychedelic parent, at least in terms of passing on meaningful aspects of our beliefs onto our kids, is having a community who agrees with you on these things, and among whom you share this aspect of your life, and where your children feel safe to discuss it and ask questions.  Otherwise, it’s just some crazy thing that mom and dad do which makes them weird and which would make the kid feel weird if they were to do it as well.  And if I remember anything about being a kid (pre-high school, anyway), it was that being “normal” was solid gold currency, and no matter how weird I was (and I was always weird), all I really wanted was to be normal.  Having a community, a real community, an offline community of flesh and blood friends with whom to share our experiences is crucial if we are to pass these values on to our children successfully.

So, in the next 12 months, I’m challenging myself, and I’m challenging you dear readers (all 3 of you, and also the real estate spam bot who left me a comment yesterday) to Take a Chance on those around you who you think might be interested in psychedelics.  Take baby steps, of course, and be safe.  But DON’T walk out of that elevator in the comic without trying.  Trust your gut and build a community around you.  That is my challenge, and that is what I intend to do.  Perhaps we’ll end up in an elevator chatting one day soon, you and I, dear reader.



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